Living in the Financial Lost World

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The blessing of too many options has turned into a curse. There are so many things going on around us. But we simply don’t have the resources to cope with everything.

No money to buy more. No time to earn more.

This introduction chapter summarize the financial problems we are facing today.


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  • Namugun

    Reply Reply October 24, 2018

    Hi KC, my top financial problems are:
    – I spent many years on study and started my current contract job in my late twenties. My salary is still around entry level due to little increment and my EPF savings is not up to the standard in comparison with my age.
    – I save part of my monthly income consistently and now have some savings over the years but I don’t know how to invest. I would like to start with low risk investment.
    – Many expensive investment courses (thousands of ringgit) out there and I am not wise enough to determine whether they worth that price and whether are the right course for me.

    I hope to set up my financial plan so that I don’t feel the anxiety and stress and too much sense off insecurity about future. Also hope that this system could lead me to financial freedom one day. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, hope to learn more from you through this course.

  • Nurdidi Zainudin

    Reply Reply July 1, 2018

    Hi KC Lau..I am a doctor working in government income is pretty decent.unfortunately,i started to realise the important of financial education in 2015, after working for 7years.starting from that point of time im trying to build up my portfolio.i have tried few investment strategy, but property is the best choice for me. i still learning from the other property investors.

    i planned to achieve my financial freedom 6 years from now..i am still learning and improving myself so that i can reach my goal smoothly..

    i hope by joining this course,i will achieve my goal faster. and i can choose to either stay working as a medical doctor or quit to follow my dream.

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