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From The Desk Of KCLau

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Malaysian, Future Success Story...

Hi, I'm KCLau, best-selling author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians and the first and most-followed online financial educator in Malaysia.

For many years, I’ve been working on a step-by-step course and perfecting it to help you set up an effective money management system. This course is designed to walk you through every step, so you too, can achieve financial success, AUTOMATICALLY!

If you've struggled to control your spending
If you've tried many investment schemes and yet to see your wealth grow
If you have credit card debts and find it difficult to cope
If you have difficulty choosing an insurance plan, unit trust funds
If you can't seem to make smart financial decisions
then you're about to learn what you've been longing for all your life.

Here's why...

Do you ever feel that achieving financial freedom is only a dream?

  • You might be working hard day in day out and still, couldn't figure out how to get out of the rat race. It is like a never-ending story that keeps repeating every week - work from Monday to Friday, play a little bit during the weekend. And that's it!
  • No matter how much you make, it seems that money is never enough. The situation is even worse if you currently owe many credit card debts and personal loans.
  • I bet you've heard the term "financial freedom" countless time. But what exactly does it mean? The more important question, how exactly can you achieve "financial freedom"?
  • Can you reach that by making more money, cutting down expenses, spend within your means, and maximise your investment return?

What’s the fun of earning money if you are always challenged not to spend it?

The concept is pretty simple, but it seems very hard for ordinary people to achieve the so-called “financial freedom”. When you are trying hard to cut expenses, there is always some emergency that needs you to fork out your hard saving to settle.

Think of an unexpected road accident.

Think of a medical issue of your immediate family.

Think of the lack of discipline to refrain from buying the latest gadget (camera, smartphone, new car and branded bag on a bargain, you name it!).

It is so hard to control your emotion and delay the gratification. What’s the fun of earning money if you are always challenged not to spend it?

There are so many options and choices of what to do with your money... most people are lost!

There is already a tonne of problems we are facing internally. Now, coupled with the external market force from the forever growing enterprises, most people are doomed!

Don't you ever find it daunting when there are so many things you can buy with money?

There are also a lot of financial products in the market that are trying to grab your attention. Insurance plans, unit trusts, alternative investment schemes... most people waste a lot of time contemplating "what is the best thing to do with their money?"

Money Automation System helps you to set up your personal finance towards success. Say "Goodbye" to all the confusion and financial traps and "Hello" to increased income, automated savings and upgraded lifestyle.

I design Money Automation System online course to help you plan your finance, execute it to perfection and achieve your financial mastery.

  • Avoid the four common financial traps so that you’ll be way ahead of your peers regarding financial achievement
  • Analyse your financial position so that you know exactly where you are now and how you can come up with a plan towards financial freedom
  • Set up everything on autopilot so that you know for sure that all your financial goals will be achieved within your calculated time frame.

What are other Financial Coaches Saying about this Course?

Azizi Ali

Practical and effective, KCLau has created MA$, a course on how to manage one's finance on a personal and also business level. With hard work and discipline, one is sure to achieve financial freedom and also happiness in life!

Azizi Ali, No.1 Bestselling Financial Author in Malaysia
Yap Ming Hui

MA$ by KCLau is a practical and detailed money management system that helps put your financial matters into an actionable, and systematic perspective.
The modules in MA$ are well thought out and very comprehensive. A highly recommended tool for anyone who wishes to master control of their financial destiny

Yap Ming Hui, Financial Coach of many public-listed company owners, NTV7 invited speaker and #1 Financial Authority in Malaysia

What do you get as a member? You'll get a lifetime solution.

The MA$ course is an online membership course teaching you how to set up an effective system to manage your money. It is conducted solely online over the span of 3 months. But you can complete the course within 30 days if you stay focused and go through all the class works.

  • Video Presentation

    Lessons are conducted in video training format. You can stream it online, or download to your PC for playback in MP4 format.

  • PDF Notes, Worksheet and Spreadsheet

    Lessons come with downloadable PDF notes, worksheet (.doc) and spreadsheet (.xls) to guide you on the actions required.

  • Community Support

    You will be part of a growing community where fellow Malaysian members share and support each other in term of financial education.

  • Lifetime Unlimited Access

    You get lifetime access to the materials in this course just by paying a one-time enrollment fee. I update this course with new materials from time to time when it fits.

12-week Course Content

Week ContentValue
Week ContentValue
Week 1
  • Living in the "Financial Lost World" - Realize what is the situation you are facing and so you don't sweat over the confusion caused by advertisers
  • Achieving Time, Money and Mobility Freedom - design your life so that you know this is what you want, instead of following the herd and getting nowhere
  • Four Common Financial Traps - avoid these financial traps so that you will never make costly mistakes that take years to recover your financial position
  • STEP 1 - Analyze your Money Flow - analyze how your money comes in and go out, so you know every sen is going to the right place
Week 2
  • Money Flow Tracker - Customized Ms. Excel Spreadsheet for your to keep track of your money the right way, so you can get the data for further analysis
  • Budgeting and Money Management Software - list of software application that can easily let you keep track of your money
  • Net Worth Analysis - you get a special worksheet to calculate your net worth and get a snapshot of your current financial standings
Week 3
  • STEP 2: Direct Your Money Flow - move your money and flow it to the right direction so that you are channelling your money to build more income, get more return and minimize expenses
  • Financial Ratios Analysis - calculate the important financial ratios that represent your financial health status, so you can compare it to the benchmark and make appropriate adjustment
  • Ratios of a MA$ member who had achieved financial freedom - you get to see the real ratios of a financially free member and be aspired to reach there soon
Week 4
  • Crossover point of Financial Freedom- you get a worksheet that you estimate your exact point of financial freedom, knowing that how long would it takes and how you can make adjustment to expedite the process
  • How to Estimate the Return of Investment - you get a worksheet to calculate the ROI of your portfolio, even if it is a mixture of properties, stocks, unit trust etc
  • Case Study: Projecting the Crossover Point of Financial Freedom- you'll learn the variables that are important in dictating your duration to achieving financial freedom
Week 5
  • How to get the best ROI- learn the three components that allow you to maximize the return you get, from your investment of time, energy and money
  • Four Stages of Wealth Accumulation- learn the stages involved so that you can concentrate on the most important issue during those different stages
Week 6
  • STEP 3: Automate Your Money Flow - set up your automation process so you'll automatically achieve financial freedom
  • Debt Elimination MA$ - this is a step-by-step walk through of how to eliminate your bad consumer debts (credit cards, personal loans). If you are in debt now, this system with ready-to-use telephone script and worksheet is going to turn your bad finances around.
Week 7
  • Rational Spending MA$ - you don't have to fight impulse spending if you have a system in place.
  • Spending Envelopes MA$ - this system minimize over spending and make sure every area is well taken care of.
  • Separate Credit Cards MA$ - learn how to use your credit cards as tracking system that reports your monthly expenses automatically
Week 8
  • Auto-billing MA$- make use of this system to save time and cost involving all your recurring bills
  • Reminder System - learn the most effective way to set up reminders, even for decades ahead, without even spending a single sen.
Week 9
  • Salary MA$ - if you are an employee now, this system is going to guide you to climb your corporate ladder
  • Freelance MA$- set up system for your freelance business in order to maximize your hourly rate
Week 10
  • Business MA$- business needs system to run. This section is going to guide you towards the direction to work on your business, not "in" your business
  • Auto-saving MA$- save money automatically by making use of the system that's already in place.
Week 11
  • Investment MA$ - set up a system to guide your investment decisions so that you are making good use of your extra money
  • Royalty MA$ - learn the perpetual income mindset that is important to generate adequate passive income
Week 12
  • Insurance Protection MA$ - set up system to ensure your life insurance protection is adequate so you'll never pay extra premium
  • Medical Insurance Guide - important explanation about medical insurance that ensure you get the right kind of medical protection.
  • Keeping Score - set up a review and revision system so that you are always on the right path towards all your financial goals!
Bonus Lessons
  • How to Calculate Retirement Fund Needs - an Excel Spreadsheet that allows you to calculate exact how much you need to save to achieve your retirement goals.
  • How to Spend Money for Maximum Pleasure- learn the art of spending money for maximum happiness so you got to enjoy every sen you spend

That's right... RM1274 is a more than fair price for everything I'm going to give you.

The Good News Is,
You're Not Going To Pay RM1,274.00

If you can engage an independent financial advisor to analyse your finance and generate a financial plan, you will be paying at least RM500-RM3000. By going through this course, you are going to be able to draft your plan on your onw. RM500 saved instantly!

But you can get started for way less than RM500. I will teach you for the next 90 days and equip you with the knowledge, worksheets and spreadsheets to manage your finances properly.

How much would you pay to draft a plan to achieve financial freedom?

I bet that you'll say that I am charging too little for the value you'll be getting out of this 3-month course.

Sherene Leong

The most important thing I learnt was the money flow tracker. It helped me to identify the areas where my money was flowing, and by being more cautious about my spending, I was able to set aside 30% of my income for investing which I was not able to do so before that.

I am a planner with an insurance company. Although I help people plan for their retirement, children’s education etc., I myself do not know how to prepare for myself. It was merely a sales profession. This course has helped me tremendously in my financial planning as well as helped me become a better planner for my clients.

Sherene Leong Wealth Planner
Krishna Kumar

Net Worth spreadsheet is something I have been looking for sometime and glad that I finally found it.

Resourceful information in term of what kind of insurance and investment to make is excellent.

Krishna Kumar Senior Director

WAIT... Is this course suitable for you?

But before you pay me any money, I want to make sure you are the right person to enroll to Money Automation System. This is for you if:

  • You find it hard to control your spending -- you want a step-by-step system to help take control of your emotions and to cope with the urge for instant gratification.
  • You are not sure of what is the best thing to do with your money. You want detailed recommendations on maximizing your wealth. You want to have the maximum result by putting your money to work. But you seem lost and confused about the choices available to you. This course guides you to create a system to automate your decisions.
  • You have credit card debts and find it difficult to cope. This course will definitely help you set up a debt elimination system.
  • You are a fresh graduate, looking for a complete guide to managing your finance. This course directs you to the right path, avoiding all the costly mistakes.
  • You are too busy with your job or business. This course provides guidance to squeeze out more free time for you to enjoy life.

This isn't for you IF:

  • You are doing great financially and think that you have learned all you need to know about money.
  • You're looking for a magic bullet to earn income. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. This course is to guide you to create your own system, not spoon-feed you one.
  • You think that you've known everything about managing money. Nobody can teach you anything if you believe that you are already "full". You can't pour more water into a cup that's already full, can you?!

If you are a suitable candidate, I would love to welcome you on board!

Get Your Access Now…

  • 3-month training on how to set up your own automated financial plan, with hours of VIDEO training, worksheet, PDF report and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Lifetime access to the members area so you can come back anytime 24/7 to do revision
  • is a membership site. You will get all the content within the first 12 weeks of signing up. Anyway, after that, you will still have LIFETIME access to all the training material that is made available to you.
  • After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes. You’ll get several more videos added to the membership each and every week up to the 12th week.
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100 Percent UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee

Order Money Automation System online course, go through every lesson. If you’re not delighted with the result, if in fact you don’t see improvement in your finances, or don’t know for sure you’ll achieve financial independence,  then I refuse to keep your money. Just email for an instant full refund within the first 30+30 = 60 days.

There are no strings attached. Whatever you’ve downloaded from the course would be yours to keep. We can’t claw back the files in your computer, nor the information you ingested.

We can’t stop you from achieving financial freedom with the information you acquire through this course. You will see yourself enjoy a worry-free early retirement.

If you are not satisfied, we give back your money in FULL. We even absorb the transaction fee. Refund is processed within 24 hours after we receive your short email notification. We simply don’t accept your money if you don’t improve your finances.


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What our Students Have to Say

  • MA$ is definitely one of the best course I have invested in. Tonnes of info, tonnes of learning curve. I'm in my mid 30's and still find this course very helpful in managing my own finance and also learning what steps to take towards financial freedom.
    Daniel manager, Sarawak.
  • I find the course to be very useful indeed because it teaches us how to plan and organise and utilise our finances better and also how to do it in a more systematic way.
    Yao Tsing Kepong
  • Financial education is critical, especially right now when I have a child and an elderly to take care. After I got married, I always face problem in managing finance, and money is never enough when an emergency happens. I like KCLau's teaching because it is very down-to-earth, genuine and practical.
    Mei Siu doctor, Puchong
  • Very good and informative! KCLau does provide very practical tips and doable day to day system which helps newbies like myself to better manage my financial portfolio. Besides that, KCLau is also very helpful and fast in replying my emails whenever I have doubts on certain issues, especially during shaky economic times such as these. Lastly, I want to give KC a big THANK YOU for spreading out the sound knowledge and helping many Malaysians save and invest with more wisdom.
    Mei Kuan pharmacist, Setia Alam

P.S You can automate your way to financial freedom by going through this online course, follow step-by-step to implement the strategies. If it doesn't work for whatever reason, we'll give you back your money within the first 30 days.